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Amy’s story: I wasn’t ready to give up

“I’d been a smoker for 18 years but I knew I had to give up. I knew smoking was bad ...


Hilary’s story: The best thing you’ll ever do for yourself

“My dad died from lung cancer, aged just 65. I’d been smoking 20-25 a day all my adult life. I ...


Ginny’s story: Never give up giving up

“I lost count of the number of times I tried to quit over the years. But you learn something each ...


Danielle’s Advice: The secret to stopping

“I go to SmokeFree Liverpool. It’s for anyone who wants to stop. It’s about having the motivation and support to ...


Amy’s advice: Mums-to-be need Me-time

“Me-time is the perfect way to get healthy for their new baby. We’ve got everything mums-to-be need to quit the ...


Hilary’s advice: Get patches, gum and more

“You’re four times more likely to quit successfully with the support of SmokeFree Liverpool. We’ve got the full range of ...


Ginny’s advice: Find something that motivates you

“Give yourself a reward. Say you want a new pair of shoes. Focus on that and start putting the money ...

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