I was smoking 15-20 a day for 17 years, but now I am 9 weeks Smokefree!! I decided to stop smoking for my children and also to save money. I run my own business and did not want to spend my hard-earned cash on cigarettes!

I was really determined to stop smoking, so I found it really easy! I attended Speke Health Centre where I received great support from Sarah. I initially used the inhalator, then just went cold turkey!

Here are a few of the benefits I have noticed since quitting smoking…

• I have a lot more energy
• I can take the dog on more walks
• I can do a lot more things with my children

If you want to quit, go for it! Don’t give up, just be determined!

If Sarah can Quit the Ciggies, so can you!

Call our team of advisors on 0800 061 4212 or text ‘QUIT’ to 66777 to access FREE tailored support to help you go smoke free.