Meet Lesley and Barb


Hello, my name is Ella and I am 4 weeks old. This is a picture of Mummy, nanny and me taken by our advisor Amy. My mummy gave up smoking when I was growing in her tummy and I am very grateful as I am a happy and healthy little girl. My Nanny also stopped smoking because she was so excited for my arrival and she wanted to protect me from the harmful chemicals.

My mummy used nicotine patches and nicotine gum for a few weeks but then she came off those completely and has now been quit for 7 months. My nanny used the nasal spray and some mints. They found these very helpful and have never looked back. My daddy has also quit, but he is at work today so he couldn’t be in our picture.

Nanny has Asthma but since quitting, she hardly needs her inhaler anymore which is great news.

Amy came to us at home when my mummy was pregnant with me and they are still in touch now. Amy helped my mummy lots and we can’t thank her enough!

If Lesley and Barb can Quit the Ciggies, so can you!

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