Meet Barbara

Meet Barbara


My name is Barbara and I am now 5 months Smokefree! I attend the Smoke Free Liverpool weekly drop-in at Wavertree Library which has been a big part of my success. Support and encouragement are something most of us need. My advisor Hilary has supported me through numerous quit attempts and has never given up on me. I used Champix to help me quit.

This time I feel different! More motivated, a greater understanding of the benefits to stopping and listening to my body. This is a great achievement for me.

The main benefits I have found since quitting are;

  • I feel a lot more energetic
  • I am a lot happier
  • My breathing is so much better and of course my purse!

My prescription of Champix has finished however I still attend for support and equally supporting others.

If I can do it, so can you! Go on, what have you got to lose? Pick up the phone and call 0800 061 4212 for your FREE help and support to stop smoking. 😁