Barbara is now 12 weeks Smokefree.

Barbara is now 12 weeks Smokefree


Barbara has smoked for 30 years and has now been smokefree for 12 weeks!

After retiring, my smoking went up to 30 cigarettes a day! l had a permanent wheeze and an empty purse. I decided to go to Smokefree Liverpool at my GP surgery in Sefton Park.

I have found Champix has been great in helping me to quit. Hilary from Smokefree Liverpool has also been a big support; her encouragement has helped me a lot.

I have found many benefits since quitting smoking;

• No more chest wheeze.
• Feeling a lot healthier.
• I can now go swimming 3 times a week.
• I have a lot more money in my purse.

If you are serious about quitting, then contact Smokefree Liverpool for a happier and healthier life! If I can do it, so can you! Call 0800 061 4212 to see where you can access FREE support to quit smoking.