Author: James Lynch


Meet Debi

‘Smoking is a habit, it’s an addiction. You have to be strong to overcome it but there is help and tools out there. Try and find something that you want…

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Meet Jess

Jess is 35 weeks pregnant and hasn't had an easy pregnancy. Our advisor hadn’t prepared Jess to be photographed so she didn’t want to show her face, although we think…

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Meet Kate

“After smoking around 20 a day for 20 years I met Amy and Ginny outside the Women's hospital and had no intention of quitting, I only wanted information. Three months…

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Meet Lesley and Barb

Hello, my name is Ella and I am 4 weeks old. This is a picture of Mummy, nanny and me taken by our advisor Amy. My mummy gave up smoking…

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Amy, who advises "mums to be need me-time"

Amy’s story: I wasn’t ready to give up

“I’d been a smoker for 18 years but I knew I had to give up. I knew smoking was bad for you. So it couldn’t be good for a baby…

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Hilary, who tells her story of quitting smoking

Hilary’s story: The best thing you’ll ever do for yourself

"My dad died from lung cancer, aged just 65. I’d been smoking 20-25 a day all my adult life. I thought if I wanted to be in with a chance…

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Ginny, who advises to "find something that motivates you"

Ginny’s story: Never give up giving up

"I lost count of the number of times I tried to quit over the years. But you learn something each time you try. I got there in the end. And…

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Danielle, who goes to SmokeFree Liverpool

Danielle’s Advice: The secret to stopping

“I go to SmokeFree Liverpool. It’s for anyone who wants to stop. It’s about having the motivation and support to stop before your health gets worse. There’s always someone there…

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Amy, who advises "mums to be need me-time"

Amy’s advice: Mums-to-be need Me-time

“Me-time is the perfect way to get healthy for their new baby. We’ve got everything mums-to-be need to quit the ciggies, including free nicotine replacement therapy.”

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Hilary, who advises "get patches, gum and more"

Hilary’s advice: Get patches, gum and more

"You're four times more likely to quit successfully with the support of SmokeFree Liverpool. We've got the full range of options to help you quit the ciggies. And we're a…

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