Meet Betty


I was smoking 40-60 a day for 44 years and I have been Smokefree for 7 Months! I decided it was time to quit when I started getting out of breath going up the stairs. I was also coughing a lot through the night due to the mucus.

Quitting was hard to begin with, but it got easier as time went on. I do still think of cigarettes, but only very occasionally – and that is after 44 years of smoking – but I won’t give in and undo all my hard work.

I went to Netherley Health Centre every week and used combination NRT. Going to the sessions and seeing Sarah really helped, plus we had a good time too!

Below are a few benefits I’ve felt from quitting…

• I have saved £2,740 in 7 months!
• I have been taken off some of my breathing tablets
• I have not needed to use my nebulizer for 5 Months
• I can now walk up the stairs without getting out of breath
• I don’t stink of smoke
• I can dance all night!

If you are serious about quitting, try your best as the benefits are great and you can save a lot of money. Just go for it, you won’t look back, I feel brilliant 😊

If Betty can Quit the Ciggies, so can you!

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